What I eat to lose weight (Lazy Edition) Youtube sent me a package?!

hi guys welcome back to the kitchen it's been almost 2 months since we cooked together these days I'm just not really into cooking anything fancy but you still need to take care of your body still need to make sure that you have enough nutrients and you still need to make sure that you have enough protein fibers so that you can keep your muscles on your body and lose fats okay wait I just realized that this is like like a Zara model Poe okay sorry guys I'm being bored okay so without further Ado let's begin with breakfast first you're going to need a zuccini and a [Music] tomato and you can chop some onion for decoration I mean this part is always always good for cooking but today we're making a super easy omelette so I'll save it for dinner this breakfast is almost too easy like you can put in anything you can find in the fridge then you need to crack in two eggs okay so grab a bowl then just crack your eggs let me try one hand Ned then you know what to do well usually I recommend it to have two eggs per day so that it is not too much and not too little for your body to handle then you're going to put in a little bit seasoning some salt and sesame oil this is my favorite I don't know why I got this from Japan ever since I had this I can never go back to a regular sesame oil so if you found this in the market definitely grab it then a little bit of sauce okay so if you like you can definitely put in a little bit milk that's what I'm going to do okay just a little bit okay so now you're going to need to fry your vegetable first cuz they will take a little bit more time so just put them in [Music] first first put in the zucchini cuz the tomato is a little bit more watery so I will fry the zucchini [Music] first okay let's check okay I think it's looking good I'm put in the Tomato the Tomato I don't know why it makes be so excited but this is literally like idot poof and meanwhile I made myself a nice delicious Americano okay looking good now it's time to pour the eggs [Music] in usually when I make this it can K me food for a good few hours cuz protein keeps you full so eat more protein guys so now you're going to put the lid on so that you can have like a steaming situation here yes as you can tell it doesn't fit again so um well you know it wasn't my fault I mean when I bought this pen it doesn't come with the lid so yeah wow it is done okay let's surf this oh it smells really good wait should I just eat it in the pan so that I don't have to wash the dishes I mean don't judge me like that it happens to you I am sure is a little bit too much no it's never too much for green onion okay breakfast is [Music] served okay what a mess back there ignore the background okay let's eat oh it's good it's really good I think it goes better with ketchup let me see if I have CP cup uh-oh out of ketchup oh there is this is freaking good I mean I'm not saying it cuz I cook it I mean it is really good now my mom's going to be the out of me cuz I'm eating directly from the pan and this scratching sound I'm so sorry Uncle wers I'm just being lazy I'm going to watch some YouTube videos while I'm enjoying my breakfast see you guys at lunch okay guys there's something that I want to share with you okay are you guys ready ta I got a package from YouTube shall we open it together okay let me Zoom you guys out a little bit okay I'm so excited I'm so freaking excited okay they know how to make an entrance oh it hit me do you remember your first subscriber your 100th your a th000 we are proud to honor you impressive Milestone of reaching 100K subscriber with a silver Creator award congratulations wow I wow I don't know why I'm tearing up I think it's because of my my perod are coming so that's why I'm getting very emotional but I think the reason why I'm being so emotional isn't only about hitting 100K it's about showing to the people and telling the people that they said I can they said being a YouTuber is the foolest thing is the stupidest thing get a job get a real job get a life I know that being a YouTuber isn't like is not an easy job and my goal wasn't to be YouTuber my goal is just to help people to help girls to feel confident about themselves and it's just seeing this hit me for those who have like a million subscriber must be watching this video is like what the hell is this why are you crying over only 100k but I don't care cuz 100K subscriber each one of you matters and I couldn't walk to this St without any of you so this is not for me this is for me and you this is for us thank you so much hi guys so um FYI I did start my period like just a few minutes ago that totally explained why I get so emotional so for today's lunch we'll be making this high protein creamy mushroom pasta okay so for our pasta you're going to need an onion garlic some mushroom any mushroom that you like and some feta cheese first of all of course you're going to cut [Music] everything well a little hack so if cutting onion like make you tears up put it in the fridge first and then after the fridge after it it's cold cut it while it's cold it won't stink your eyes oh my gosh then you're going to chop your garlic so now all the garlic pill and dice it then you're going to cut your mushroom so some people say you don't wash your mushroom uh I wash it cuz if I don't I will be thinking about it like the whole meal and cut it into thin slices oh my gosh the Pint okay then what we're going to do is to fry some mushroom so first you're going to put in some onion and the garlic make sure that is golden brown okay then now you're going to put in the musroom [Music] they are looking gorgeous going to put in a little bit of black pepper mushroom goes very well with oyster sauce I know I know this is a pasta we're not supposed to put in any Chinese ingredient but it goes well trust me just a little bit cuz we cook the pasta with salt so I don't want to be too salty okay so now if if you have chicken broth you can put in chicken broth or you can put it in pasta water okay so now put in your [Music] pasta when I said this is a creamy mushroom pasta the creamy one is from the cream or the milk but we're making a healthy version today so we are going to put in some feta cheese okay okay just a little [Music] bit hey I think is [Music] [Applause] [Music] ready [Music] trying to make this a home super easy but it tastes freaking good I like to cook pasta this way I know I probably offended some of the Italians this Chinese and Italian Fusion dish is really hitting in the spot great protein carbohydrate and fibers cannot say no to this mhm hi guys so it is now almost 6 that means it's dinner time and I am super lazy I don't feel like cooking at all so today let's do this 5 minutes one po rice what I mean 5 minutes it literally takes you only 5 minutes to prep everything okay so first you're going to need some rice so I've mixed one cup of red rice and half cup of brown rice let's wash them this is super easy I used to do this li

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