XHIT – Inner Thigh Exercises For Toning

hello and welcome to exit I'm Kelsey Lee and guess what we're doing today you have been asking when are we doing thigh workout so that's going to be today and we're actually going to get started standing up so stay where you are and here we go it's going to look like this you got it lateral leg lift just bring it on out point that toe so you're elongating the leg don't keep it here okay feel it right through here outer part of your thigh good job [Music] keep it up point the toe little flexion in the calf you got it nice and slow good warm up all right and switch you guys know what to do on this leg and notice I don't have a giant range of motion so I'm not trying to like you know do any of that nonsense just bring it up till you feel isolation right on the outside through here good work and you'll notice on today's workout these aren't explosive crazy dynamic dynamic exercises cuz we're isolating specific groups right so we're not jumping around like crazy so if you still need to get your workout on Loop it again or do one of our other videoso all right nice work all right so good work on those next up kind of the same position and little baby circles if you ever remember us doing paint brushes with our arms same thing here just with our feet good work you guys can put your hands wherever you want for balance good work you feel the burn stabilizing legs going to burn too cuz right now I'm like starting to feel it taught boot camp really early this morning so my body is already like can we take a break all right and call it good switch same direction there you go rotate that hip out just a little bit and a lot of these exercises you can kind of tweak for your own body and you'll feel more bang for your buck so to speak as you just kind of move things and shift things over we're all built a little differently stabilizing leg is burning keep going and call that good hey let's just step it out really quick you guys feel the burn through here getting those thighs all right reverse your circles like so point the toe a little there you go soften that knee that you're standing on oh man I'm feeling it hope you are too good posture bring in the core oh man I don't know where I'm feeling it more here or here what about you guys I want to hear from you let me know woo Walk It Out Walk It Out same thing bring it on through there you go nice small circles good work little baby circles keep going soften the knee if you're having trouble stabilizing yourself stare at one thing there's a spot on the floor and I'm looking at it it's keeping me from falling over good work nice tighten the core and oh man call it good okay next up we have alternating lunges so we're going to step it back bring it in Step it back bring it in good to go jump on in remember we're just dropping that back leg down back knee you don't need to touch the floor just a couple inches off the ground Propel with your calf coming back up feel it through the quads slow and steady good work draw the core all right let's do one more call it good nice job let's go back and do some step UPS if you don't have these kind of kill some squats and some lunges right now to get through the time here if you do have something that you can utilize as a bench even an ottoman as long as it's heavy enough going to look like this okay Jump On In we're going right leg up right leg down right leg up right leg down you got it use your arms as you need to we did these at boot camp this morning made these giant blocks at the park of my house so we grab a block and we do our step UPS really pop it up okay Walk It Out woo little marching band okay and switch there you go left up left down you can add a little hop if your shoe's untied you better take a break and tie it I only spe from experience you got it keep going extend all the way up I want you to feel it in the top your glute as you stand up there you go good work use those calves Propel you up and call it good nice job all right next upep all right so now we're going to go on the floor little different than our lateral leg lifts that we're used to so instead of doing this for the outer ductors we're going to bring it in like this makes sense let me move my foot this will work too okay see what I'm doing here I get more isolation if I do this though so go ahead and Rewind a little bit if you need to see that again point the toe notice I'm not coming back and hitting the ground and bringing all the way up keeping it off the floor good work point the toe good job little isometric movements they're working might not look like much but it sure is working keep going switch switch switch keep up the pace here you go Jump On In if you need a glass of water or take a break no big thing just push Paws and come on back there you go feel that through the inside of your thighs if you don't mind a muscle connection kind of concentrate focus on these muscles in here shortening and Contracting and bringing that leg up you got it few more of these and we're moving on all right bring it on up okay for this next one it's going to look a little silly and they're called clam shells but they're going to work so let's do this together down here and all you're doing is opening up the leg here so it's going to shorten and contract think about these muscles here shortening Contracting pulling the leg up okay mind and muscle connection there you go feel the outer reductors working fight that resistance on the way down so don't just flop it down okay so nice slow and control fight the resistance bring it back up good work your heart rate should be up a little bit not a whole lot of explosive stuff today so it's not going to be crazy like some of our more CrossFit type routines but you should still be feeling this good job and so we're doing this video for you guys cuz we know that you were asking lots of questions about this so please keep the questions coming we love it we love hearing from you small motion you got it remember shortening Contracting bringing that leg up shortening shortening there you go nice work last one okay go ahead and bring it on up all right nice work on those let's get our basketball over here if you do not have a basketball you can't dribble but I bet you have a medicine ball or something use a pillow if you need to and I'll show you what we're doing so on your backs place that between your knees let me readjust here Bridge raise okay so yes hamstrings glute core bring that all up and squeeze and then squeeze with your thighs cuz that's what you guys wanted to see today okay so bring it in feel the contraction right here there you go Jump On In if you haven't yet Force the hips back squeeze the glutes you got it we're staying static we're not going anywhere don't just hang out here though you got to squeeze you got it Force the hips up more if you start to sink remember it's not about looking glamorous this is about getting none you guys are doing good hips up bring it up bring it up t

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