10mins Warm Up Routine | Pre-Workout | Protect Joints & Muscles

hi guys let's start with the yoga pose now turn your right feet out to 90 degrees angle and left feet parallel to the mat then exhale lean forward and touch your heels look up to your thumbs inhale coming back up we're going to do three more times if you can't touch your heels completely okay just put your hands on your shin it is important to keep your body in a straight line so try to take your hips a little bit forward and now we stay here for four breathings foreign [Music] back up we're going to do on the other side we're going to do four times and the last one will stay there for four breathings [Music] try to keep your upper hands back a little bit open more of your chest your hips so that you're in a straight line you should feel the stretch in your chest and also your right side of your body [Music] now we hold for four breathings now slowly coming back up and allow a few deep breathing [Music] now we're going to do a little belly dance so lift up your feet to the side and pull it back down [Music] foreign [Music] thank you now do the same on the other leg [Music] foreign [Music] now let's do a little jump with your knees up [Music] I don't know come on jump a little bit higher [Music] and we rest for a few seconds here [Music] again turn your leg to the back and facing forward use your left hand to touch your right toes right hand to touch your left toes [Music] foreign and now we rest for a few breathings now remain standing until your heels out a little bit inhale open your arms and your chest exhale fold your body with the straight spine put your hands next to your feet and try to put your head towards the floor foreign [Music] coming back up we're going to do three more times [Music] this time we stay here for four breathings close your eyes and steady Breathe In and Out [Music] now inhale slowly coming back up we turn to standing and allow a few breathings [Music] foreign [Music] open up your arms and lean to left and right so whenever your palms facing up you lean to that side [Music] foreign [Music] and now we rest for a few seconds foreign then use your shoulders to dip in the middle imagine you are using your shoulders to touch your toes [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] back up [Music] now come to tabletop position we're going to do a cat Cow [Music] inhale curl your back exhale squeeze your abdominal [Music] and now sit on your lap to rest for a few breathings foreign [Music] your left knees and put your right feet back we're going to do some lunges [Music] try to open your legs as wide as you can you can definitely extend your leg to give it a stretch [Music] foreign [Music] and now we are finished you are ready for some workout [Music] [Music]

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