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Hello everyone! In life, many people tend to ignore the importance of having a good posture. Good posture is not only crucial to our health, but also affects our appearance to a great extent. For example, in this photo, at first glance, it looks like the before and after effects of weight loss. But it’s not actually the case. I just corrected my posture. When you bend over and hunch your back, your lower abdomen will naturally protrude forward, making the whole person look very bloated. But when you straighten your waist and tighten your core, your whole person will look bloated. You will immediately feel energetic and when you continue to tighten your core, your abdominal muscles will naturally be exercised and your waist will naturally become slimmer. In modern life, we have lowered our heads to mobile phones and computers for a long time. This forward leaning posture is harmful to us. The neck, shoulders, and back are all seriously injured. If things go on like this, it will not only cause posture problems, but also be accompanied by symptoms such as headaches, shoulder and neck pain. Moreover, when we maintain such wrong postures for a long time, it will be difficult to have the correct posture for exerting force during fitness. The fitness effect is not good, and it is even easy to get injured. So today we will do 15 exercises for posture. I suggest you do these exercises every day, whether in the morning, as a warm-up exercise before fitness, or as stretching after fitness. The results are ideal. If you're ready, let's get started! The first exercise is to rotate the shoulders. First, lift your shoulders and rotate them backward. After 22 seconds, we will change the direction. Remember to tighten the shoulder blade chad when rotating: 3, 2, 1. After changing the direction, rotate the shoulders forward. , while keeping the body straight and tightening the core. The second exercise is to open the shoulders and elbows and keep them slightly bent. Lift the arms back and upward, tighten the shoulder blades, open the chest and keep the abdomen tightened. Remember to keep breathing. The third exercise is left and right. Open your feet to a certain distance, put your palms together, stretch toward the sky, then immediately stretch downward and twist the body, stretch to one side, feel the stretch on one side of the body, straighten the body, stretch back to the sky, and then touch both sides downward. Remember to tighten your abdomen during the entire process between the feet, and feel the stretch on the waist, back thighs and calves. The fourth action is to expand the chest and bend the arms forward, cross the fingers, and then bend forward while keeping the center of gravity unchanged, and then Stand straight and repeat the entire process for 45 seconds in order. Don't be too hasty. Pay attention to controlling the movements. Each time you return to an upright position, take a deep breath to ensure that your chest is open. The fifth action is to turn around with your hand, grab the other wrist with one hand, and pull it in the opposite direction of the body. Twist each side of your waist as much as possible and do chad for 22 seconds: 3, 2, 1. Keep your feet on the ground during the whole process, only twist from the middle part of your body to your hips. The sixth movement is to stretch your back and lean forward at 90 degrees to be parallel to the ground. Straighten your back, slightly bend your knees, hold your fists in your hands, align your forearms with your chest, and bend your elbows at a right angle. Tighten your shoulder blades and lift your back backwards with your fists facing the ground. This action is repeated as a cycle until 45 seconds. The seventh movement at the end is to lunge, turn around and separate your legs to do a lunge. Keep the front leg bent, straighten the back leg and place your hands on the knee of the front leg. Twist the weight of the waist to the outside of the front leg and step back on the heel to maintain this posture. No change, keep each side for 22 seconds chad: 3, 2, 1. Change this action to stretch your waist and back of your calves. The eighth action is to squat, stretch, squat down, and grab the opposite direction with one hand. Ankle, the other hand draws upward circles to open the chest for stretching. After the stretch is completed, the arm returns downward and inward. We repeat the action for 22 seconds on each side: 3, 2, 1. Now we have completed more than half of the exercise. The ninth action is a V-shaped raise. Sit on the ground, tighten your abdominal muscles, and place your hands on your knees. Keep your center of gravity, raise your feet to form a V-shape, and while maintaining the posture, pay attention to keeping your neck neutral and your back straight. Do not hunch over to feel the pain. The pain is meaningful! The tenth movement is to stretch the spine in cat pose and lie on the ground on all fours. Exhale and arch the back and bury the neck. Imagine pulling the navel to the spine. Then take a deep breath and squeeze the back downward. Look up and imagine the tail vertebra pointing to the sky. This action is not only It is good for the posture and can massage the internal organs of our body to relieve stress. The eleventh movement is a table-style turn, with all fours on the ground. Put one hand behind the head and twist the body in the same direction to open the chest. Repeat this movement for 22 times on each side of the body. Seconds, later we switch sides chad: 3, 2, 1. The twelfth movement is to raise the leg in a unilateral flying bird. Still keeping all fours on the ground, stretch forward one arm and lift the thigh on the opposite side until it is in line with the body. When paying attention to tightening the abdomen, it will be easier to maintain balance. Alternate left and right. Repeating this action for 45 seconds exercises our sense of balance and coordination. It is also very effective for tightening the abdomen and tightening the back. The thirteenth action is to squeeze the back and lie on the ground. Straighten your upper arms forward, tighten your shoulder blades on your upper back, bend your elbows and pull them back. Imagine pulling your left and right elbows closer behind your back. When doing this action, if your back feels sore, don’t give up. Remember, every effort is rewarded. reward! The fourteenth action is flat swimming. This action is actually very close to the previous action, but this time we keep our arms straight and pull back as if swimming. Draw a semicircle and imagine yourself paddling without stopping. The last action is Baby's Pose This baby's pose is different from the traditional baby's pose. We will move the upper body forward and backward, spread the legs, and put the toes and toes touching. Straighten the hands and place them under the shoulders. Push the upper body back and place the waist and abdomen between the legs. Press down with your free hand so that your hips touch your ankles and your forehead touches the ground. Then pull up your upper body and return to the starting position. Repeat for 45 seconds. The process should not be too hasty. Maintain control and stretch the muscles of your upper body to eliminate fatigue. Then we will complete this series of improvements. Body movement! These 15 movements are not only great for improving your posture, but they can also be used as warm-up or exercise exercises. You can do them every day, or three to five times a week. Trust me, the results will not make you regret it, especially if you persist for a period of time. 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