15 Mins Power Pilates – Burn Fat & Tone Up – Day 16 Summer Shape Up

[Music] [Music] if okay guys so the first exercise we're going into is deep squat so i want you to come all the way down to the floor squeeze up with the glutes at the top so deep squat if you need to open your legs slightly wider than the mat that's absolutely fine do what feels comfortable for your hips i want you to squeeze at the top with the glutes keep that core contracted drop it down squeeze it up drop it down squeeze it up so this whole routine today is going to be pilates focus but it's going to be getting the heart rate up through some very good exercises and also toning movements too so we have a combination of the both i'm probably going to be out of breath with the talking [Music] excellent okay so for the next move you're going to be going out into an inchworm you're then going to jump into a squat jump back inchworm let's go so inchworm here jump to a squat up come back into inchworm to the top now you do not need to go as fast-paced as me go with the pace that works for you [Music] but this is an amazing movement for the whole body predominantly though the legs if you can't do the jumping just step back you don't have to do the jump squeeze at the top come down hands off the floor come back squeeze get one more squat in excellent okay next week that you're going into is a reverse lunge and then you're going to come up into a deadlift so reverse lunge come up into a deadlift back down into reverse lunge now if you feel you need to get a chair for extra stability to hold here that's absolutely fine please grab it if not use your core for stability keep it sucked in make sure you've got a slight bend in your knee that's going to help come up into the deadlift position working those thighs working those glutes it's all happening here excellent shake it out be repeating on the other side so same thing reverse lunge into a single dead lift so bring it down kick it back now again there might be one side that isn't as stable as the other for me it's this side so if you have to go slightly slower that's totally fine obviously you don't want to go too slow because you want to get the heart rate up but also you need to be safe okay so bring it down and then kick it up bring it down kick it up amazing work this is a really good movement i like this one a lot okay 10 seconds we're going onto the floor into a side push-up so leg straight out we've done this one recently this week i want your elbows coming in towards your ribcage for this one keep that core nice and engaged feet however you feel you want them to be you want your legs to be stretched out then in whatever feels the most comfortable to you okay so let's really make sure we engage the arms keep that neck nice and long stomach sucked in you should begin to really fill this in your arms then after that we're going to switch on to the other side i want to be even dopey great work guys excellent so twist those legs over let's go to the other side same thing so your elbows going in towards the rib cage hand on your hips or you can put them up for a bit more of a challenge using your body weight again as extra resistance facing forward neck nice and long [Music] comment below where are you guys going on holiday this year you guys going anywhere special you staying in the country that you're in or are you just looking to have a hot girl summer what's the vibe let me know i am not planning to go anywhere this year i live in portugal so don't really have to [Music] so not sure where i'm going this year but let me know in the comments below where you're going so sitting on the floor arms out to the side just want you to give me arm circles coming forward okay so we're going to do forward first and then halfway through the timer we're going to push it backwards so nice and forward core contracted again you want to come up onto your knees or you want to stand do what feels best for you not long okay let's reverse it so make sure your necks nice and long again don't hunt your shoulders open them too wide you just want them nice out to the side then for the next move we're going on to targeting more the thighs and the buttocks for also the arms too combining everything excellent work okay so let's get into position for the next one so you're going to be going into crab knee raises so you're in a crab position and all you're going to do is you're going to lift up and bring the knee down lift up and bring the knee down now if you need a modification for this you can stay just in this position and march the knees in but if you can i want you to lift yourself up really squeeze the glutes at the top keep that core engaged lift up [Music] toes nice and pointed i want to look fabulous while we're doing it [Music] [Applause] excellent work guys for the next one we're going to be going into bridges open and close we're just going to be keeping the position the entire time so come up into a bridge position and i just want you to open and close the legs squeeze the glutes at the top stub it nice and sucked in hand to the floor and just open and close as you close imagine that you have a ball in between your thighs that you're trying to squeeze because that's going to help to really engage not only the pelvic floor which is great for women it's also going to help to engage their inner thighs okay so keep going with that [Music] really squeeze [Music] excellent work okay come up the next week we're going into is bare plank so we're just going to be hovering in a bare plank position lowering down to floor so you want to be at all fours toes tucked under you just want to squeeze the abs to lift yourself up with the floor we're going to hold this for a few seconds [Music] okay release suck everything in come up really make sure that you're tucking all of your air and your stomach in it's going to help to really engage the core this move come down release inhale exhale suck in lift up hold that position there nice straight back lift those knees off of the floor come down and let's do it one more time up let's hold for the last eight seconds you got it excellent okay now i want you to come onto your bum we're going to be going into c-curve bicycles so for this movement you want to roll back so your spine's in a c position hands up and you want to twist over like you're doing a bicycle so you want to bring your knee to touch your elbow you want to be twisting keeping the core engaged really twisting the upper half of your body but keeping that c curve in your spine exhale as you crunch [Music] keep going you're doing amazing [Music] excellent okay calm down now onto the floor again and we're going to be going into tabletop crunches so for this movement i want your legs to be up in the air in tabletop position and you're just going to crunch up and down now for this movement if you want to put your hands behind your head that's probably the best option or you can put it by your temples but i think behind the neck's better so you want to

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