30 Day Workout Challenge – ‘I AM AWESOME’ – Day 2 | (NO EQUIPMENT) REAL-TIME Workout

hey just up squad welcome back to day two of the 30 day challenge today's affirmation is i am awesome yes you are you are awesome say that to yourself this is a different type of affirmation because for me personally it evokes a lot of emotion now this one is a little bit more hyped up more bubbly and i want you to big yourself up today and tell yourself that you are awesome i am awesome a lot of the times we are saying negative words about ourselves so let's inject some positivity and say i am awesome okay so we're gonna focus on that word awesome and the workout for today will be on the screen here or here all right so let's get started with a but before we do make sure if you haven't warmed up to click on the links in the description box or in the pdf that you have downloaded from the private facebook group okay guys let's get to it we're going to kick start off with 40 jumping jacks okay three two one keep the core tight and let's go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 and 1 2 3 4 5 6 seven eight nine thirty one two three four five six seven eight nine and 40. nice awesome okay so we are going to be moving on to w which is 45 seconds we'll sit okay so i will be using this beam right here as my wall you want to make sure that your feet are at a 90 degree angle so your knees and your ankles are also aligned okay three seconds two one and let's do this okay core is relax your core actually and just focus on your legs try not to put your hands on your knees either we are really gonna focus it in those quads makes your feet are nice and flat and just take some deep breaths we're just going to chill and relax okay good stuff guys coming up to your last 15 seconds [Music] good stuff maybe there guys keep it going and three seconds [Music] shake that out okay so now we are going to e which is 25 jumping squat now with these jumping squats i want you to squeeze your glutes and your quads at the top of the movement and also i want you to dig deep really sink deep into that squat as well and be really explosive with the movement are you guys ready let's do this three two one and let's go one two three four five 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 keep going 14 15 16 17 18 19 25 more one two three four and five whoa can you guys feel that burn my goodness okay so just take a few deep breaths [Music] inhaling in the nose and exit out through the mouth okay now we're gonna come back back we're gonna come down onto the mat and do some glute bridges so this is our s and we have 25 glute bridges okay so make sure to keep your feet nice and flat as you raise up into your glute bridge i want you to make sure to draw a line from your shoulder all the way through to your knee okay hips are parallel and pointing up towards the ceiling and you're going to squeeze your glutes okay court is engaged throughout this one three two one and driving up one big squeeze at the top two [Music] three [Applause] four five good six seven eight nice squeeze nine ten eleven find that contraction hold twelve 14 15 10 more 16 17 good stuff 18 maintain that core engagement that's 19 20 last five and one big squeeze two [Music] [Applause] how are your babies feeling guys okay so now we are going to go on to oh which is 30 seconds of mountain climbers how are you guys feeling i hope you are feeling awesome okay so we're gonna go into a plank position okay hands under your shoulders core engaged and you're gonna be driving your knees as fast as you can three two one let's go [Music] nice deep breaths good [Music] i am awesome keep saying that to yourself guys good halfway keep it going you've got this and relax good stuff okay so take a few moments to just breathe and recover all right so we're to come up we are going to m so we have two more letters left m is a 30 second warsaw i'm going back to my beam how are you feeling i hope you're feeling good okay are you ready remember at 90 degree angle everything in your legs and three two one let's go just relax stay strong [Music] good stuff keep going are you in that 90 degree angle we have five seconds and three two one oh shake it out okay so we are going to finish off uberduba super strong with 25 jumping squats this is to finish off our awesome with a big e okay are you ready deep breath side steps we'll keep the blood flowing prep those legs prep that mind and three two one let's do this one squeeze two three four five six seven eight nine ten good 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 last five one two three four and cool 25 guys who are done that is the workout done for today you are awesome i'm gonna take a few breaths and a bit of water my goodness okay shake up those legs you've got this if you do need to stretch after this there will be a stretch provided on the screen or you can go into your workout okay guys so remember the affirmation for today is i am awesome the word is awesome always be kind to yourself no matter what the circumstance whatever you say in your mind is what you are [Applause] guys welcome for absolutely crushing day two i will see you tomorrow peace

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