Best Bodyweight Exercises You Aren’t Doing Follow Along Workout

[Applause] foreign [Music] hey guys Dr Christy Ennis welcome to follow me Friday where we've got a strength or a stretching and Mobility video for you every Friday today's video is actually a special one in that I had a lot of requests for the best bodyweight exercises that I did a little bit ago to make that a follow along so yeah you get your wish today that's what we're doing the best body weight exercises that you probably aren't doing that you want to be doing and that you're going to follow along with me with with me with whoo a lot of prepositions in there all right so you need nothing but your bodies if you do need a little help with balance make sure you have something sturdy like a wall or a sturdy chair to hang on to and we're gonna get started so I'm going to face that wall standing on my right leg to start you're going to shift those hips backwards this leg isn't doing anything except coming along for the ride a little Bend in that right knee shifting those hips so I'm in that single leg deadlift I'm going to reach it over to the side and then come on back up this time coming towards the middle wobbly for me today and then reach it off to the other side getting all planes of motion here in the whole back of that leg so that's one we're getting five in each little ooh Direction I'm not much of a woo person but it called for it right then only going down as far as you comfortably can and again making sure if you need to right you're close enough to something to hang on if you need to for balance so here's number three coming up and we have two more there's one off to the side one in that middle and then one to the other side awesome we're gonna switch legs same idea I'm going to stay the same way just so you can see this angle but right shift those hips back using that opposite hand this side's a little more wobbly coming over to the side forward and then that other side right really using this like I said this whole back of that leg so if you guys like this video and actually want to see more videos where I don't post anywhere else check out my locals page which I will also link below foreign [Music] each position really trying and I know I'm I'm struggling a little bit here but really trying to keep that knee as straight as you can and I'm not looking at you guys because I really need to focus on keeping my balance right now too so working lots of things here really squeeze into those glutes as you come up other side and then we're gonna do one more to each side here middle ooh that was a little bit of too much momentum there and back up all right facing you guys again we're gonna lunge it out to the side after doing a curtsy lunge so Step One is taking this leg and Crossing behind you trying to keep those hips facing forward now lunge it out to the side keep those feet facing forward hold into that little bit of a squat and then bring that leg out to the side I'm just going to move a touch here so it's cross it behind lunge it to the side lift so that's two we're going to get 10 on each side three all your glutes all of them are working right now four some side inner thigh muscles too it's four I think you guys know by now probably that I am a terrible counter five there's lots of parts to this one too six seven eight really make sure you're trying not to move that standing leg right when you lift so nice and steady here as I lift that's nine one more is ten good and we of course have to do the other side switch your brain around a little bit too right so cross that right leg behind really come down and back right into that side lunge lift okay this way just a touch so cross it behind side lunge lift that's two three four five six you can do whatever you want with your hands little jazz hands there seven eight again both sides working here right nine one more foreign and now we're going to go down onto the ground okay we've got three more exercises to go and they are down on the ground or if it's more comfortable for you you can of course do them in bed as long as your bed isn't super smooshy soft all right so you want to make sure that you are engaging in those abs for all of these we're going to take those heels and bring them together and turn those toes out now you've probably seen the Frog Bridge before but we're adding a little press down with our elbows too to get those lats engaged too and stabilize that whole back body or at least the back so here you go elbows are going to dig we're going to do a tiny little tuck there press those elbows in as I squeeze and lift that butt up and then come back down and you can keep those elbows squeezed that whole time so here's two we're going to get 10 of these today three again I don't care what you do with your hands four you can make shadow puppets five if you need to give the arms a break please let them relax each time too right and then re-press as you lift six seven eight two more nine and ten okey dokey we are gonna get some upper abs some lower abs and of course we always work all the ABS but we're going to bias each little part here so knees are going to come up I'm going to bring my hands down I'm going to lift and then I'm going to add a little bit of a leg lower and get really fancy we're going to add a little crunch right here to get more of that upper AB so lower ab both of these make sure your only coming up as far as you can without really stressing that spine and the same thing here pressing straight up dropping those legs down without moving that spine position and then that little lift there there you can do it with straight legs if that feels better for you but it is a little bit harder just so you know right same idea with lifting those legs down four and bend so tap tap lift that's five this one takes a while but it's really good for you that's six try not to pull that head or neck either [Music] it's okay if those legs don't tap all the way down to that seven [Music] eight two more to go here nine and if you can keep your feet pointed right but sometimes they will start to cramp so it's okay if you do not and there's ten all right last one we're gonna flip it on over this is a form of push-up so please know that you can do this on your hands and feet your hands and knees are even on a counter or a wall the higher up you go the easier it will be I'm gonna do this one on my knees today so hands nice and wide turn those hands out just a touch to protect those shoulders kind of pressing through those Palms so I am going to go right into a push-up my elbows are going to drop behind as I come up I'm going to press that floor away to use those serratus or stabilizing muscles in the shoulder that don't get worked very often back to the center now I'm going to go in the opposite squeeze those shoulder blades lift up lift up whoops try not to rotate like that they'll goal is to actually keep that body steady right so push up press around those shoulder blades away back to the middle row row ther

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