Day 4: Ab Burner (Home Workout Challenge)

hey guys and welcome to day four of the 30 day challenge now today I honestly am super excited for this workout now if you're new to my channel or família you're going to notice or you already know that I am a huge fan of ab workouts and that's probably maybe one of the reasons why some of my videos have gone kind of bigger is because of the ab workouts so today I'm going to be sharing with you an ab burner routine it's going to help really get you those ripped define toned abs now this routine is a very long but trust me when I say it is in a tent so I hope that you are ready for this one because you really are gonna fill those muscles burning in your core so guys get your map ready to towel or blanket and get ready to get started with this routine okay guys let's get ready for this ab workout so for the first move we're going to be doing on the floor and you're going to be going up into a sit-up and into a side plank so let's come up squeeze those ABS turn round side plank and roll back down that's it guys so I know there's a lot going on in this movement but it's all about the quality here over the quantity so just make sure that you're really engaging that core sucking your tummy in and coming up into that plank and make sure that you're lifting those hips up so roll up turn side plank great work keep going make sure you guys are breathing excellent job guys ten at second best hand before we go into the next week which is going to be in a sit-up with punches up punch punch and punch up guys nice controlled again make sure that stomach is continuously sucked in make sure you exhale on that roll-up and then punch punch punch punch inhale back great work [Music] that's it roll up one and that's it guys so for the next movie you are going to be balancing in a boat pose and we're just going to alternate between up to flow at taps so bring that leg up and then you just want to alternate between touching the toes on the floor again and make sure that Nathan's sucked right into the spine and you're literally just moving those toes to touch the floor and that's it [Music] that's it guys keep going nice and controlled and rest fantastic work come all the way down onto your back for the next move [Music] so all you want to do is you literally want to bring one leg up and then you want to crunch it towards your elbow at the side the other leg is going to be on the floor in a 90 degrees so that's it you just want to have that foot planted on the floor and the other leg you want to swing it up and crunch this side so let's switch sides now guys so lift it up crunch to the side and that's it guys well done let's now come over into a plank position for the next move and all you're gonna do is come up into a high plank and all you're going to do is alternate between and punching forward and to the side and you're just gonna keep switching arms so punch forward to the side forward into the side great work remember to kick that stomachs tucked in and you want to make sure that you are breathing you guys keep going I know this one stuff excellent drop those knees and now let's do that all over again from the beginning now guys so into position and you know the first moves let's come up into a sit up turn side plank great work [Music] so roll up side plank [Music] that's it guys keep going roll up turn side plank and down excellent job [Music] so come up now guys and remember those four punches and roll back down so come up an exhale punch punch punch punch inhale as we go down let's keep repeating that loop guys for 15 seconds guys keep going so row up four punches expert ten-second rescue guys before we go into the next move which is those balancing boat tap so you want to come up to a boat position size and it's alternate between tapping those toes on the floor [Music] so guys keep going and tap tap keep that core sucked in [Music] excellent job guys so the next move remember is you're going to have one leg been no you're going to do is this the other leg up towards you and then crunch to the side to the 25 seconds up crunch to the side that's it keep going [Music] sighs crunch switch those guys so you're going to lift the leg up and side crunch up and side crunch keep that name from sucked in remember and make sure you operate them through these exercises so lift it up and crunch excellent job guys remember for the final move you are going into that high plank with those punches [Music] so punch forward to the side forward to the side that's it just alternate between those arms so forward to the side that's it make sure you keep that core engaged navel sucked in you're keeping everything nice and tight [Music] and that is it guys a well done for completing this routine just stretch it out cool guys since that is the end of day 4 how did you find this AB burnout workout let me know by giving me a big like if you enjoyed this workout and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel so you know every single time that I upload a new workout for this day 30 challenge now guys please tell me three things that you are grateful for today remember it can be absolutely anything but let's all try and keep a nice positive mindset during these times and remember guys if you really do want to get the best out of this 30 day challenge that we are doing and you really want to get the most out of your transformation the don't forget to check out follow the link to get yourself also a no plan to go along with this the recipes are super simple easy to do they're under 20 minutes and they're all going to be knows that you are able to cook because I know some of us can't all get to the supermarket right now anyway guys I hope you really did enjoyed today's workout and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow [Music]

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