Full Body Workout: How to Burn 100 Calories Using a Stability Ball

hello there welcome to exit I'm Kelsey Lee and today you are going to do a full body workout that's incorporating a stability Bowl all the way around are you excited let's get started so we're going to grab our stability ball if you don't have yours yet press pause go get it and come back all right so here we are on our stability ball we're going to walk it out a little and I actually have a pretty wide stance with my feet if you can see one of them they're not closed together okay and all we're doing is bringing it up so not even this isn't a real traditional Kickback it's more like a leg lift you can soften the knee and bend a little you'll get more isolation at the top whatever your preferences nice and slow now make sure that you guys are using mind and muscle connection think about what you're working so you can maximize a workout instead of just like flopping your legs around which is super easy to do on a stability ball keep it up really pull top of for the glute in a hamstring shortening Contracting and bringing your leg up and we're going to hold it hold it hold it hold it don't give up just hang in there few more seconds you got it last two one drop it down and switch pull it up good work use the shoulders your hands to stabilize you stability ball is taking up most of your weight so you're not going to have a lot of um pressure through your triceps good work keep pulling it up remember after this we're going to hold it and squeeze for about 10 seconds okay and hold hold hold just 10 seconds of your life you can do it keep going let's go three two one more perfect okay so we're going to roll it up you do not have to do it like that just how I did it so I'm bring it in pull this up and we are going to go over to our wall if you don't have a wall just imagine you do doing like this I just gave it away we're doing some squats so I'm going over here putting it in a small of your back if you get it too high it's going to go over your head and start right here watch the knees bring your feet out just enough so that knee is pretty much directly over your ankle okay take it nice and slow don't let your knees go out we're not trying to do a paa and we don't want to sink them in all right bring in the front of the core so activate the front of your abs right here your Blakes will stabilize you from kind of going back and forth few more seconds to these and we're going to switch it up and I know you're going to love it okay call that good and we we are going to switch it up challenge your body a little so hang in there with me we are going to challenge our bodies into a pistol squat if you want to you can do one leged squat like this okay but really force your ball back into the wall for stability you're not going to go anywhere good work Jump On In not a giant range of motion you're going to stress out your knee so going go too deep good work you can bring this leg down just don't want to touch the floor and switch nice work okay remember bring this one in it's going to be inverted a little bit your toe probably won't be straight give you more stability through the ankle there you go let me readjust so not too deep you're going to feel it through the quad and that's when you're going to come back up press back into the wall you got it last one nice job not so bad huh you can do those on your own so see your body can do more than you thought we're going to take the same stability ball this is going to take some effort if I fall down don't make fun of me okay so we're going to start by squeezing like a like a kind of a half hug here on the stability ball and we're going to bring it up into a frog jump makees sense kind of crazy you seriously have to squeeze so like a static fly almost okay here we go keep going okay do you feel that forearms in the wrist what's difficult is kicking back good work stabilize through the chest and the shoulders you're not really activating triceps here cuz our palms are facing each other last one good work we did it I didn't fall over what do you know okay so this one let's kind of engage our shoulders what do you think about that bring all the way up and back down branon this stability ball doesn't weigh a whole lot still mobilizes our upper body feeling okay over there draw in the front of the core good work almost all the way up you're doing great guess what my shoes un tied keep going mind muscle connection here too if you feel your shoulder is the front delt shorten and Contracting bringing the ball up keep it going you feeling it yet really sit into that notice I have a pretty wide stance over here right now you can totally do the same let's go for three more of these three two and unomas and call that good feel okay take a break if you need to and I'm going to tie my shoe now that I've done that we're going to have to get our heart rates back up are you excited okay so stability ball roll it out oh my goodness this I'm getting closer all right so wide wide stance with your arms these were your feet and be more than shoulder width apart bring it down you're doing okay I know you can do it jump on in with me exhale on the way [Music] up get your face about 3 to 5 Ines off the ground good work keep going shoulders triceps chest core nice job three two one more and roll it back we did that didn't we we seriously just did so keep moving forward okay this next one I'm going to face this way so we're going to roll it out again this makes sense and you're going to think I'm crazy if you haven't done this before if you have you're going to love it and just bring it up makes sense there you go so you want to make sure that your toes are staying connected to the ball the entire time your behind is going to go up in the air and as you crunch the knees in you're going to get a ton of isolation and every little part of your core is working right now to stabilize you don't put too much pressure with your knees on the the ball you want to take up some of that pressure with your hands all the way through the shoulders keep the toes engaged on the ball keep going good work really pull it in you got it this one will make you sweat pull it up if anything's hurting just take a little break crunch it in you got it keep those toes on the ball one more Pull It in perfect and you can step off the ball like that instead of rolling it up like a maniac like I did before all right so here we are in this position you know what we're doing we're going to switch it up grab the ball with your feet hands are going to go up here and we're just going to pass it off make sense if any of this stuff is super confusing to you leave us a video comment we want to hear from you nice and slow by all means you can do this with a smaller stability ball or even medicine ball if you like good work keep it going watch that spine if your back is coming off the ground just take a break good job exhale on the way up we're almost done with these woo one more and bring it down perfect

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