Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Welcome everyone! Today's exercises for the abdominal muscles are only 10 minutes, but they are difficult and very intense. You will love and hate your abdominal muscles at the same time, but these exercises are worth all the effort, and this exercise is part of the shredding program for two weeks to help you reach your goal for the abdominal muscles. Flat and beautiful, and you can find it on the schedule here. Guys, this program is completely free. So please press Like and Subscribe, and turn on notifications as well. Well, if you are willing to join this program, do not forget to leave us comments with Come forward, use my # on Instagram or even post a video on YouTube like these girls to support each other, and let's get started! All exercises today are 30 seconds, superset with a little rest in between, so we do two exercises one after the other and we have 10 seconds of rest and let's get started! The first exercise is to raise your legs and clap. Slowly lower your legs and then raise them, then raise your chest with a crank and clap your hands behind your legs. This way, make sure that your back is flat on the floor when you lower your legs. You do not want to hurt your lower back without any chance of rest. We'll go straight to the reverse karang. Lift your hips off the ground using your abdominal muscles. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles well here. We have a 10-second break, and the next exercise is Spiderman Plank. Bring one of your legs to the side, so that it touches your elbow and we will go to the cross-body climber. Bring your knees to the opposite elbow as much as possible and make sure that you squeeze and engage your abdominal muscles. And we have the Russian twists, do it slow but good, we're going to move in and out with the legs without any chance of rest. I'm really pushing you with these exercises. Just inhale as you extend your legs out and exhale as you bring your legs in, and squeeze and engage your abs. . Relax, we have planks with hip dips, finish this very great exercise for the oblique muscles and we will go to planks with jumps without any chance of rest! Just make sure you engage your core abdominal muscles, and let's break this down! You are capable! Chance for a little rest here, and we have hundreds. Lift your legs off the ground. You can bend your knees or keep them straight, and then start moving your legs up and down. This is very difficult, so if you need any opportunity to rest, take it, it is okay. And we have Krangs! Share your good abs here guys, we're more than halfway through this workout, just keep going! Relax, we have high and low planks, make sure you engage your abs well here! And do not raise or lower your buttocks. Now get into the plank position again, and you're engaging your abs and squeezing your butt as well. Wow, we have a short break and we have the heel touch. Touch your heels with your hands and this is really great for the obliques. And without any chance of rest our bike cranked. I know I'm really stressing you guys out here, but we're almost done with this exercise, my loves! Keep going! relax! And we have the reverse crunch with the legs extended again, make sure you use your abdominal muscles to raise your hips and get ready now for our straight leg crunch. And pulse how many times while you're doing the crunch here. You can do the crunch with a bend on the knees if you prefer instead of this, and the final exercise is the high and low plank, and let's finish this exercise, guys! You are capable! And these are the exercises, guys! I hope you like these exercises, and please, press like and follow my channel, and turn on notifications as well, so that you do not miss the new exercises special for this program. I will see you in the next exercises, bye!

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