Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss

hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today I'm going to be showing with you four healthy dinner recipes that you can cook at home that our fault weight loss these are all super quick and super simple recipes that you can do and you only need about 15 minutes max per one so without further ado let's jump straight into it the video so guys to cook out first healthy dinner recipe the tasty mince and veggies you're going to need your ingredients so for this you need 1 courgette you need half a red pepper some frozen peas 1 pack of mints or corn if you need a substitute spices you can use what you you what you want for this I'm using Oregon Oh cumin and then for an extra bit of spice im using a fajita mix so the first thing that you're going to do is you're going to make sure that your pan is nice and hot just add a bit of oil of your choice for this I'm just using some olive oil you're going to cook your vegetables until they are nice and soft once they are just make sure you put them on a plate and set them a 2 at this side the next step that you're going to do is you're going to add your mince or your corn to the exact same pan with a little bit more oil and you're just gonna cook that mince all the way through at the same time you want to make sure that your quinoa is cooking on this side now make sure you read the back of the ingredients and the instructions mine takes around 10 minutes to do once your mince is already or your call next up is to add those spices so add as much as you want this is down to preference so please put as much or as little as you feel once that is all ready and combined let's put our vegetables back into the mix meat and what we want to do is we just want to combine it so we get the spices all over that minced meat or corn once that's ready switch off your pan and your quinoa and we're ready to plate up now with this dish because I'm using 1 pack of mints I actually have enough for a second plate tomorrow so I'm going to put half the mixture into a mill prep box and the other half I'm going to plate up for dinner tonight and that's it guys super easy super simple and it's really delicious let's move on to the second recipe next up is one of my favorite Mills to cook at least once a week and that is a Chiu not rice bowl so for this you're going to need one can of tuna of choice half a red pepper half a courgette half a can of red kidney beans and then for your spices again you can use whatever you like I will be using Oregon Oak cumin and fajita mix because I like my spice and then all you're gonna need is some basmati rice around 70 grams but again you guys can do whatever you need for your calories so first up what we're going to do is we're going to make sure our pan is nice and hot once our vegetables are all chopped up we're going to put them into a hot pan or with a little bit of olive oil or coconut oil and cook those veggies until they're soft at the same time make sure again you read the back of the rice instructions we're going to be cooking the rice at the exact at the same time again if mine takes around 10 minutes or so to do so just make sure that you're keeping a close eye on that once your vegetables are nice and soft and let's add in the spices of choice again add as much as desired it's your choice and then all you're literally going to do is once that's nice and ready it's time it's a plate up so simply all you need to do is place your vegetables on your plate add your rice and then literally just put your tuna on the top again look how simple and easy that was to do and trust me this is delicious you are going to love next up in our healthy dinner recipes is this quick honey mustard chicken salad so for this dish you're gonna need chicken you're gonna need half a red pepper 1/2 a cup kidney beans salad mix jalapenos they're optional if you want that spice then for your herbs and spices again this is down to you I'm actually going to be using some garlic and then you just need some honey mustard for your dressing so first of all what you're going to do is make sure that all your vegetables are all cooked and you're chicken and we're just gonna cook those vegetables again in a pan with some olive oil or coconut oil once they become nice and soft you're going to add in those beans mix them around so the beans become nice and warm once they're ready set aside on a plate next up you're going to cook that chicken in the same pan again with a little bit more oil now here if you need to add your spices of choice for me I'm just going to be using that garlic salt to keep it nice and it's simple make sure you cook your chicken all the way through so it's not pink inside and then all you're going to do then is add your vegetables back into the mix so we get them all mixed up together with the garlic salt and it's nice and warm now it's time so place up because that chicken is nice and ready so all you want to do is put your salad onto a plate first you're then going to add your chicken and vegetables you can add your jalapenos here if you want that extra spice and then I'm just literally going to use a teaspoon of the honey mustard just drizzle it on top or again if you want to add a second teaspoon you're more than welcome to do so and that's it guys this is such an easy recipe to do you can meal practice the day before take it to work or you can have it for dinner and finally we have the most amazing chicken pasta dish for you guys to cook now this is delicious and it's something that I like to enjoy again at least once a week the ingredients here you're going to need chicken or again you can use any substitution you're going to need half a red pepper tomato paste chopped tomatoes a quarter of an onion spices and herbs will include Oregon Oh chili salt and pepper around 60 grams of whole wheat pasta and some black olives now for this all you need to do is literally prepare your pasta first of all so make sure again that you bait the back of the instructions and it should take around ten to fifteen minutes to do first stop what we're going to do is we're going to cook that red pepper we're going to make sure that it's nice and soft and we're going to make sure we cook it at the same time all with the onions next up you're going to be cooking that chicken in some olive oil and for this all you're literally going to do is add a little bit of salt and pepper cook the chicken all the way through until it's no longer pink and then again set it to the side now once your pasta is cooked what you're going to do is you're going to add it back into the pan we're going to mix in the chicken and then we're going to mix in the red pepper and onions we're then going to put in the chopped tomatoes and tomato paste with some of our herbs and just mix it all around until it's nice and warm so guys that is the end of the four healthy dinner recipes for weight loss that you guys can cook I hope you all really did enjoy this video if you did

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