INTENSE 10 min HIIT workout – Get Abs Challenge!

Hey, guys! We've got a quick and intense 10-minute HIIT workout today that's gonna get you sweaty. We don't need any equipment, and I've also included low impact, no jumping variations to all the exercises. You can find the 18 day schedule on my website, which has tons of useful features and it's all free. You're not in this journey alone, so do share your progress with the rest of the community on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok with my hashtags, so you can support one another. Now, smash that thumbs up button for me, leave your comment down below, and share this with your friends, and let's get into it! We got 16 exercises across two sets in this intense HIIT workout, without any planks. 30 seconds on, and 5 to 20 seconds of rest in-between. Let's start the workout with shuffle touch ground. Shuffle to one side and touch the ground. And do this as fast as you can, and this is going to bring your heart rate up. For low impact, just take it nice and slow. It's totally fine to go at a slower pace. Short rest, we've got crossover squats. Start in a squat, and jump up and cross your legs, and then back into another squat, and repeat. For low-impact, we're just doing regular squats. 10 seconds rest now, and we've got skaters coming up. Jump to one side, and bring one leg behind without touching the ground. Then jump over to the other side. For low impact, just do skaters without jumps. Great work guys! Rest up, and jumping jacks are next. Keep up the pace and make sure you're doing it in good form. 10 seconds rest now and 180 degree squats is next. Start in a squat, then jump up with a turn. Squat back down and repeat. Make sure you stay safe, and don't do it on a soft mat as you might slip. Start off slow until you are comfortable with the movements. Rest up, we've got twisties next. Twist your upper body to the right side, and your hips to the other. Be careful with this as you don't want to hurt your ankles. Make sure you stay safe, and if you're not wearing proper footwear or shoes, I'll suggest following the low impact. 10 seconds rest now and we got lateral lunge jumps coming up. Final two exercises of the set, and we'll have a longer rest! Take a step to one side and lunge. Then jump back to the center, and then to the other side, into another lunge. Just leave out jumps for low impact. Short rest now, and we've got butt kicks to end set one. Kick your legs up and keep a good pace. Try to do this as fast as you can without hurting yourself. Great work, guys! And that's the first set. Pause the video here for a longer rest. Let's get ready to go again and shuffle crunch is next. Shuffle to one side and bring your knee across to the elbow, then shuffle to the other side and do the same thing. Keep the pace up and keep going. Short rest now, and we've got scissors. Keep a straight back and strong core, and make sure your arms and legs are doing the work, too. This is a great cardio exercise if you do it right. You're doing great, guys! 10 seconds rest now, and touch ground jump is next. Take a step back and try to reach the ground with one hand, and then jump up. Make sure your back is straight when you're reaching the ground. Short rest now, and we'll move on to the other leg. Keep going, not long to go. Rest up, and we got curtsy lunges. Just three more exercises after this, and that will be the workout. Keep pushing, guys! Bring one leg behind you diagonally, and then to the other side. You can add the jump in-between if you want to. Short rest here, and we'll move on to lateral high knees. Bring your knees up to your hips level, while moving to one side. This is great for the whole body and for your core. We're almost done, guys! Tuck jumps jacks are next. You're gonna push through and get this done! Start in a quarter squat, then jump up explosively into the tuck jump. Land softly, and then do a jumping jack, and repeat. Just one more exercise after this, you can do it! Great work, guys! And the last exercise is butt kicks. Push through this last exercise, and we're almost done! And that's the workout, guys! I hope you have a good sweat. Please leave me a comment down below, so I know how you went. Smash that like button, and share this workout with your friends, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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