Intense Summer Abs Workout

hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel so today we are doing a summer ad routine so I hope you are ready for this one please don't forget to hit that like a subscribe button for my channel because I upload new workout videos every single Thursday and useful tips and crazy single Sunday so make sure you have some watching bye because we are going to jump straight [Music] okay so we're doing it's a battle style workout today 50 seconds on 10 seconds off so the first exercise we're going into is plank side kick so you're going to be in a plank position you're going to twist with your body and you're gonna kick your leg out so like I said we're doing this for 15 seconds just with a 10 second rest because we want to make this as intense as possible while you are performing this routine and do try suck your navel into your spine make sure your bum is up and you're in a plank position if you want to pick up the pace on this you are absolutely more than welcome to if you need to go slower that's not a problem as well or you can keep it at pace that I am going up two more seconds stop okay greats in the next exercise you guys are coming into is on an elbow plank again and we're going to be doing side dips in to knee its elbow crunches so dip dip and then bring your knee to your elbow knee to elbow so we're just going to repeat that sequence non-stop again for the fifty seconds this exercise is great at engaging your core muscles as well as doing the obliques keep pushing through you guys have got ten seconds left three two one and finished great okay now we're going on to the next exercise which is in out crunches so you want to tuck in and then straighten out now I'm not making my legs go too near to the ground because when I do my back comes off so go out wherever is most comfortable for yourself but make sure that your back is not compromised and you're making sure it's not arching make sure you really squeeze in on the crunch and you're exhaling out as well 20 seconds left [Music] that's it keep squeezing and out squeeze and out and we're finished okay ten seconds rest here before we move into the next exercise so basically for this exercise it's kind of like an alternating bicycle your leg is going to be straight and the other leg is going to be bent you want to make sure you want to get your elbow to your knee while you're crunching again and make sure you are exhaling as you come up in that crunch position this exercise is really effective up working again the core muscles and the obliques I love this one so now we're switching over to the other leg and you want to bring your elbow to the opposite knee [Music] keep pushing through you've not got long there five seconds and you are done and great work okay so the next exercise we're going to is a bit of a weird one but basically you've got to be holding a crunch position the whole time and you're going to be moving your legs left to right each time you moved into each side you're going to slam your legs up as you could see I am doing so to the side slam to the side slam to the side Sam now I love this exercise of doing it for a couple of years I think it's great at engagement your whole core especially your lower abs now you don't need to stand your legs with too much force you just want to make sure that you are lifting them up and pushing them down onto the floor 20 seconds left here [Music] great work okay so get that ten seconds rest in okay next exercise it's the single leg crunch so you want to make sure you're like a slightly bent in an attitude position and you want to make sure that you're bringing your neck up and you'll bring your leg in each single time we're alternating the legs while we are doing this so think about really sucking that navel into the spine when you are crunching up and do make sure you're exhaling out [Music] and you are done well done okay so now we're going to be moving on to the next exercise the next exercise we're going to be performing here is B punches and you're going to make sure you are tapping at the outer ankle [Music] so this is really great again for engaging your core and it's really good great at getting at the top layer of your abs as well as the obliques you want to make sure that when you are perform this exercise you are exhaling while you are performing it and make sure you are lifting your shoulder blades off of the floor keep a Shinto you've not got long you've got five seconds [Music] great work okay so the next exercise we're going into is side tucks so you want to be on your side and basically we're going to be lifting our legs up and we're going to be squeezing them in and a tuck back position so we're going to do 25 seconds on one side and switch them to the other straight after this is really good at challenging your balance your core strength and it's going to be working on toning those ab muscles okay let's switch sides now and go make sure when you are bringing your knees into that top bite position you are exhaling out five seconds right 10 second rest hip okay so the next exercise we're going into is legs are going to be straight up they're going to open up and they're going to close every single time that they close you're coming up in a crunch position this is great at actually targeting your legs but it's also amazing at doing your abs I hope that you can feel them think about some apps some apps you've not gotten on at all now guys keep pushing through it and then put one exercise left keep pushing five seconds great work okay and the final exercise are going to be doing is it's a plank but it's moving knees so you're going to be in a high plank position and we're basically going to have the knees touching the mat now you can go as fast or as slow as you want in these if you want to go slower and really think about the my muscle connection you can if you want to get your heart rate up you can pick up the pace right we are halfway through now keep pushing just keep thinking this is the last exercise ten seconds left push through with me do not give up that's it guys a well done thank you so much for completing this summer ab routine with me I hope you enjoyed it and you guys did a amazing then I get to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel because it really does help that and I love the morning up to evening whatever time it is for you and I was seeing you guys on this

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