Lower Body Workout | Toned Legs & Butt | 2 Weeks Challenge

Hello everyone – Today's workout is lower body exercises. We target both your leg muscles and your butt. This workout is part of a two-week body shredding program, and you can also find it on the schedule here now, and this schedule is completely free. So don't forget to click like and follow my channel as well and turn on notifications. Well, if you want to join this challenge, don't forget to leave comments for this video, share your progress, use my # on Instagram, or even design a YouTube video like these girls because To support each other, let's get started! We have 19 exercises today, from 30 to 50 seconds of exercise, and 5 to 10 of rest. We'll start with a hop and then a curved lunge. Take a big jump to the left and land gently, followed by a curved lunge, then repeat on the other side, and for low impact, just don't jump, nice and slow, and we have the reverse lunge, bringing your foot back and the lunge, Make sure that your knees do not cross through your toes. Make sure that you engage your abdominal muscles. Now we have 50 seconds of squats with a forward kick. Do a low squat as much as you can, making sure to engage your buttocks, and then kick forward when you raise yourself. We have a side lunge exercise with toes touching. This works on the outer thigh muscles and also on the inner thigh muscles. Now to the other side. Okay. Now we have a longer rest time here. Then we have a one-foot deadlift with the toes touching. Push your hips back as you lower yourself and make sure that your back is naturally maintained. No. Arch your back, then go back and touch your toe with your opposite hand. Keep your balance here. Take your time and do it well. It's okay if you lose your balance. Just do your best here. Now on the other side. Now we have a back kick and a side raise. Make sure you participate. Your abdominal muscles and kick your feet back and then to the side. This works your legs and your butt at the same time. Now to the other side. Next we have a jump and a squat followed by a regular squat. We're halfway there, guys. Keep going. You can take a longer rest here if you want, and then we have the bent lunge with the knee bent, bringing one leg diagonally behind you and the lunge. And then lunge, and then bring your knees toward your chest like this, this will work your glutes and abs at the same time, it's great! Now side to side Now we have a squat with a kick, we're really working on our core here This is going to work your legs and your glutes, and now we have a squat with five pulses, we're really working on our legs here so squat and pulse five times and then lift Your body again and repeat. My muscles were burning a lot here, but I am doing my best and continue with the exercises. Now sit on the mat. We will do the rainbow exercise. Imagine that you are drawing a rainbow with your foot. This works your glutes and also your thighs. Now we're going to do the same thing on the other side and we have fire hydrants, = I'm doing a hard version, and I'm going to add a side kick with your leg bending and pushing it to the side like this, extending your leg into a kick. This will work on one side of your leg muscles and you should feel the burn there. Now on the other side. Okay. Now we are finishing the exercise with langs so we can work on the legs. You guys are capable of this exercise. Come on, let's finish this. And this is the exercise, guys. Please click like, leave me comments, follow my channel with Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss my new videos‚ and I will see you in the next video. See you soon

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