These exercises are making your shoulder and neck pain worse!

hey guys dr. Christie Anna's physical therapist personal trainer and nutritionist and I just finished up with my own workout and I actually need to be careful of some things when I'm doing my own workout I have a little bit of neck and shoulder pain left over I think from a little bit of the Lyme disease in just general life itself so as I was doing that I was thinking it's really important for everybody to know what things would be a good idea to avoid at the gym so you don't aggravate your neck or your shoulder lots and lots of people have neck and shoulder pain and I love that lots of people want to work out and get healthy but there are some things that can make those issues worse so the first one is a shoulder press and with this exercise you're going to strain this muscle called your upper trapezius you really end up using that muscle a fair amount and we already have tight upper trapezius anyways from sitting forward and from hiking those shoulders up so that's when you want to avoid another one is a lateral raise so arms are coming straight out to the side this is really bad for a specific rotator cuff muscle called your supraspinatus you don't need to remember that at all but it is the most commonly injured rotator cuff muscle it happens to run right along here and attaches in the front of the shoulder when you lift your arm straight out to the side like that you actually are causing this bone that collarbone and the shoulder bone to kind of bump into each other and since that superspinatus muscle runs through there it easily gets irritated so you can imagine that it's already irritated it's gonna just make it worse and this is one of the motions that that muscle actually does so the next exercise is a chest fly and you'll see people do this sitting in a machine or with dumbbells sometimes people will do it lying down on a bench – so this is because that's a lot of force to put on the shoulder and when you add weight to it the shoulder generally just can't handle that and I see a lot of strains and even tears to a significant degree in through the shoulder and through the front of that chest the last one is a race straight out in front and same idea you can see that I'm gonna be using some of these neck muscles that I don't need to use there are getting enough work during the day so really really be cautious of those exercises there's lots of other things that can be done and stay tuned for some of those and thank you for tuning in please subscribe to my channel leave in the comments any thoughts and ideas that you have for further videos information that you would like to see and also check out my new website at dr. Christian s comm for more information thank you

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