Tighten Your Abs In Minutes

welcome back ex hitters today we're going to hit our core and your abs are going to feel it tomorrow so everything we do is about 30 seconds and at the end we're going to hold it for a whole minute and I know you're excited because you've been asking for more AB routine so let's get this party [Music] started as promised here we are we're going to hit the M because pretty much everything we do actually everything we do today is going to be on the floor we're going to start with a 30se second plank just get that Cor activated and warmed up no behind in the air no s can Shi you know the grill start to activate that core by squeezing when you exhale lock it down in the front really squeeze those abs Make It Count got it you're probably watching the clock I've got a little timer over here hold it hold it hold it not there yet about five more [Music] seconds you got it few more all right roll it over onto your back have a battery pack on my back so we'll see how this feels all right so you're going to elevate your chin and the shoulder blades so you're activating the top of your core here start in this position we're just going to bring it up leg drop bring it down super slow and control 30 seconds keep those shoulders up if you need to take a rest any moment go ahead squeeze at the top bite the resistance as you come down point the toes so your legs are nice and elongated more resistance for your core and if your lower back and the lumber area starts to hurt just take a break or you can put your hands under your hips alleviate that a little bit one more all right okay so on your backs I want you to bring your legs out and you guys probably saw this coming CU we just did leg drops flutter kicks I want you to bring your shoulder blades up and hold it here just 30 seconds promise you can get through this straighten the leg about 3 to 4 inch off the ground okay don't hit the floor keep moving Cur it up and really isolate the more you get those shoulder blades off the ground the more isolation you're going to get in your core which of course is going to make this workout that much more effective few more seconds okay three two one okay pop it up into a side plank we're going to do 30 seconds on this side and then 30 seconds on the other side so pop it up hips up to the ceiling Jump On In drop those [Music] hips you got it all the way hit those obliques 30 seconds on each side should start to fatigue around 15 to 20 and if you get through this whole workout and you're like oh that was super easy do it again almost there keep it up last one go ahead and switch other side 30 seconds over here hips up to the ceiling here we go pull that hip up and as you bring it down it's not going to touch the floor okay keep going I'm feeling it over here get those obliques moving make sure you're giving it just as much effort on this side as you did before otherwise you're going to have one underdeveloped oblique and one overdeveloped one more boom okay suitcase crunches our next some of our favorites so open it up at the top okay like so and bring it up 30 seconds here we go exhale on the way up really squeeze those abs pulling the knee you got this so notice my heels are not touching the floors as that come down you got it chin is slightly tucked in make these count make sure you're doing them stay on Pace few more last one okay go ahead and bring it down onto your back again well as much as I would like to tell you that now it's not time it's not so boom bring them up windmills we've done these before jump in 30 seconds not a giant range motion hey you guys can actually Bend in the center and kick it out if you like give it a shot actually makes it a little more challenging as you reach out to the side keep going point the toe to elongate the leg make sure you're breathing don't hold your breath and then gas for air a lot of people do that when they do Core last one okay we are getting to the light of this tunnel this mat is bunching up like crazy bicycles are next just hit hit hit okay 30 seconds Jump On In Here we [Music] go you got it get the shoulder blades [Music] up every time you exhale walk down in the front squeezing those abs a little more you got it guess what after this 30 seconds is up we're doing more flutter kicks hting that lower core again you should be super excited okay bring it down these sweater kicks barely get them off the floor about 6 in and go fast all right jump in 30 seconds to be burning you should be like oh I can barely do these and then put your hands on your hips if you need to you got it short little movements point the toes burning you got it relax the neck if you need to oh man it's burning and take a break all right these guys we are just going to do partial sit-up crunches rather our hands are going to go here so we're going to start here or if you left without pulling on your neck okay cuz I'm not a proponent of pulling on your head you can rest those fingertips right back here just Aid okay that'll work too 30 seconds get the shoulder blades up just a [Music] bit perfect keep going PS can go here as well if you have a stability ball you can do this also you'd actually get a little more range of motion keep moving [Music] good job almost there boom and one more and call it uh good okay so this guy we are going to do 60 seconds a full minute and I know you can do it it's not that difficult we are going to go into plank position okay plank position 60 seconds 1 minute you can do it one minute out of your life don't give up on me yet over to the side utilize those those obliques nice and tighten the front of the core Ro those hips you got it make it count if you're giving up now you better need a comment and make yourself know don't be a quitter be a finisher you got it keep moving exhale inhale slow control breathing seriously most people only use a small portion of their lung capacity that might not be keep going kind of pause in the middle just a bit [Music] squeeze your hips don't actually need to touch the ground you might have to keep adjusting your toes almost there good job a few more seconds give up two more woo perfect you did it hey nice job on today's AB routine we got through a bunch of 30C segments in that last 60 that was awesome make sure you subscribe here on exit get involved with our email newsletter and leave a comment let us know what you thought and follow me on Twitter and Facebook at Kelsey le.com

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