Feel Good Yoga Flow (35 Min Practice Along)

hi friends Kathy Madeo here back with another video this one a feel good yoga flow you don't need any props for today's practice unless you're using them in your own home practice we're going to be doing some fun Transitions and just moving the body in a way that hopefully leaves you feeling good and energized for your day let's get started [Music] thank you we'll get started in a nailing posture at the back of your mat feel free to use any props throughout the practice you can sit up on a block just close down your eyes for a moment peel your shoulders stacked over your hips crown of your head reaches up allow any external distractions around you just let them be there as you come into this moment in your body on your mat allow your breath to be easy and smooth breathing in and out through the nose and as you move on your mat today just let go of any expectations of yourself of the class just set an intention to be present and mindful in your body we'll take one more mindful breath here and then you can blink open your eyes we'll bring our arms out in front of us make a tight fist just rotate your hands in One Direction just warming up our wrists and the opposite direction extend your right wrist joint here and we'll pull our fingers back here with our left hand you can circle out your left thumb and we'll switch directions and then we'll switch hints so pull your left fingers back circle out your left thumb and now we'll point the fingers down press the fingers back and you can just shake out your hands widen your knees big toes touch walk your hands out in front of you get a nice stretch here through the side body as we take our child's pose and you can shake your head gently side to side massaging here your forehead and the third eye space in between your eyebrows and then just release that and surrender here on your mat again letting go of any expectations any outcomes so we practice that non-attachment throughout our movement practice here next inhale let's come into our table top where we'll move directly into some dancing Lions so big circles here of the hips and shoulders continuing to just warm up the joints here as we get our bodies moving switch directions big circles you can add in some lateral side bending here and we'll settle into tabletop where we'll take some cat cows here allow your belly to drop on an inhale shoulder blades come in gaze up as you exhale push the floor away spread your shoulder blades away chin to chest so that's the movement here go at your own pace follow your own breath so it's like you're riding the wave of your breath here so there's no rush to get to any part of the pose you're just enjoying the movement connecting to your body and breath settle into your table top keep your right knee bent but move it out to the side here and then we'll bring it down back and around so hip circles now we're getting more into the hip joint here we'll switch directions the next time your knee goes out to the right straighten your right leg flex your foot and walk your hands out in front of you if the forehead rests down let it come down if not just stay there in this kind of long stretch here as we start to stretch out the inner thigh now come on to your fingertips you'll lift your head up thread your left arm through so thread the needle with gate pose legs here now from here if it feels okay you can crawl your right fingertips a little bit more over to the right to get into the right side body one more breath slide your right hand underneath the right shoulder you'll lift up into balancing tabletop so swing your right leg and left arm away from each other take an inhale here exhale bird dog elbow to knee inhale long exhale pull in inhale long exhale in last one listen up here as we straighten out our right leg bring your left hand down and swing your right leg forward and land in runner stretch make any adjustments here as needed you can always have blocks underneath your hands inhale long spine Stern and forward as you pull the right hip back and exhale will fold foreign flex your right foot here engage your right quadriceps and we'll crawl the hands forward left hand underneath left shoulder twist open to the right here again just let it feel good you can even lean back a little bit and as we take the right hand down we'll inhale up to low lunge both arms reach up hips forward sternum list crown of the head reaches up exhale take both hands down push the floor away with your hands as you slide back into tabletop and we'll simply switch sides here so left knee goes out to the left we'll bring it down back and around taking hip circles switch directions again just staying connected on your mat to breath and body next time the knee goes out to the side straighten your leg flex your foot land the sole of the foot walk the hands out so the hands go forward as your sit bones reach back perhaps the forehead lands down so really stretching underneath the armpit area it's a band of muscles that gets really tight down there and keeps our shoulders closed so we want to get that nice and open inhale we'll lift the head up tint your left fingertips and thread your right arm through here for a twist and if it feels okay you can walk your left fingertips over to the right a little bit from here we're taking our left hand plant it so that it's underneath the left shoulder right arm and leg swings in opposite direction you're in balancing tabletop inhale here exhale pull and round the spine inhale long exhale Pull It in just warming up our core muscles now so we pull the navel in stretch the back last one and as we go long hair we'll take our right hand down big sweep of the left leg forward Square Off the hips Stern and forward you can even gaze forward for a moment and then we'll Flex through the spine here as we fold and just warming up here so don't have to go real deep or anything just be in the pose and breathe from here we're crawling the hands forward right hand underneath the right shoulder turn your chest to the left left arm lifts up from here sweep your left hand down and around inhale up low lunge so the hips can stay moving forward with the shoulders lean back here reach the fingertips up crown of the head up deep breath and from here we'll take our hands down step the left foot back here in our table top walk your hands about a hands distance forward curl your toes under and we'll lift the hips up but keep the knees bent here in a turbo downward facing dog so chest is pressing back towards your thighs push through the hands so that you're elevating the shoulder blades shrugging them up to the ears a little bit and from here we'll straighten our left leg keep the right knee bent and switch try to keep your low spine drawing in so it's not about getting the heel to the ground keep the low spine lengthening good keep both knees bent again and then from here we'll push off and round It Forward into a high plank so these are spinal waves we'll Ben

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